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We are proud of our Osmosis stockist team and we would like to share with you their journey with the Osmosis range.

Osmosis is special and unique. It’s a skincare brand you can totally stand over as a Business Owner and as a therapist. We love that it is holistic which fits with our concept, but it is also medical and very active. Our retail and facial services have grown by 20% since we brought Osmosis in. We also love that it is an inclusive brand and caters for pregnancy and also those people going through or recovering from cancer.

We have had clients with chronic acne who faced dead ends in terms of results most of their lives but now would not be without Osmosis on their bathroom shelves. We have had clients who no longer seek laser treatments as they believe the results from their Osmosis treatments and homecare far out ways those of laser. Once you choose Osmosis as your skincare brand you will never be without it.

Emma Keogh – Owner/ Facialist

Osmosis Skincare & Wellness meets all my clients’ needs no matter what skin concern I am treating. With 20 year experience, I have not come across any other brand to gives me such good results that creates permanent improvements to the skin.

I previously worked with Environ Skincare for 9 years but when introduced to Osmosis, I was so impressed I took it on straight away and use it almost exclusively. What sets it apart is its unique approach. Many brands claim to treat from the inside out by providing nutritional supplements but Osmosis Skincare and Wellness offer supplements to treat digestive disorders and the immune system which present themselves on our skin. This is what we call a holistic approach so truly treating skin disorders at the source.

In terms of ingredients in skincare and patented technologies that deliver active ingredients deep into the skin, Osmosis is unrivalled. They are very high quality, pure, environmentally conscious, anti-inflammatory and for a cosmeceutical skincare range, they smell beautiful and have the pampering quality of a luxury skincare range. Results and pampering, my clients love it!

Osmosis Treatments are so technologically advanced they create permanent improvements to the skin but are none invasive and do not cause trauma or inflammation to the skin. The range of products is varied and is adaptable to any skin type.

In terms of support from Osmosis, Dr Ben Johnson and his team are so approachable and at hand to help with any diagnosis and treatment plan for our clients. Cáit and her team in Ireland are supportive, enthusiastic professional and efficient. There is a great sense of teamwork across all Osmosis companies and Osmosis Holistic Facialists around the world, #unitedinbeauty!

Carmel Hunter -Owner/Facialist

At Medifine Aesthetics, we are very specific about which skincare brands we offer to our clients. We have a clear ethos that skincare must be both effective and nurture your skin. We discovered Osmosis around two years ago and knew after much research that we wanted to be a part of this amazing brand.

The concept of offering non-inflammatory skincare was a top priority for us. Too often in this industry, do we see products that will peel, provoke and cause reactions to the skin whereas we believe it is important that the skin is treated with care and attention. Instead of continuously causing inflammation, we look for products that will work with the skin to protect the skin barrier and treat skin diseases correctly with the right ingredients and potency. We are confident when recommending Osmosis products that clients are getting top quality ingredients containing no harmful substances such as SLS, phthalates, parabens, gluten, artificial colours and fragrances.

Effectiveness is also very important to us as we want to make a real difference to our clients’ skin and Osmosis products do just that. Containing the correct delivery systems to enable skin cell changes at the dermis. This enables us to give our clients at home treatment plans which work alongside our in-clinic treatments to make a permanent change to their skin. The proof is in the client feedback:
Helen. H, Leeds ‘Thank you for all your help and advice. I am loving the Osmosis products especially the Osmosis Vitamin A serum which is really helping my skin.

Treating the skin topically is very important, but equally as important is internal treatment. The importance of internal supplementation in treating skin seems to be overlooked. Osmosis is definitely a brand championing this concept offering a wide range of internal treatments specially looking at skin health and general well being. This allows us as a clinic to offer our clients a 360 approach to skincare; treating both internally and externally to get them the best results.
After two years of stocking Osmosis; with results we see and the feedback from our clients, this is a range that will always be on our shelves.

Lucy Hall – Owner/ Facialist

The philosophy for my skin clinic ‘Your Skin Story’ is to use the best of science and nature to improve skin health without inflammation or damage. I did a lot of research before choosing brands for my clinic – Osmosis is phenomenal in its innovation and technology. Natural ingredients in scientific formulations without harmful additives, which frankly, are still in so many products out there.

I cannot find another brand like it. Products are kind to skin but give real, lasting results as it changes the way skin behaves for the better. My clients love the treatments – since I launched I have treated acne, rosacea and ageing skin with amazing results that last.

Clients want to buy the products after seeing what a difference just one treatment can make. Seeing the improvements in clients’ skin and so changing their skin health and lives for the better is why I love what I do – thank you Osmosis!

Seema Warner – Owner/ Facialist

As Irelands leading natural skin care and gut health clinic, we know that parabens in skin products add to the toxic load of the body. At Vitality Centre, we combine only the best high grade quality organic skin products with advanced skin care techniques to achieve exceptional skin improvements for our clients. That is just one reason that we love to work with Osmosis medical skincare.

Frances Flannery – Owner/ Facialist

At Blush we love osmosis because of its holistic approach to skincare, the products are natural but active and provide our clients with great results! Our clients have also invested in Osmosis and love and trust it! The clients love the facials, the improvement in skin condition has been amazing giving the client huge trust in us as therapists and in the product! and the results are permanent! We also use the make upline, which I adore! we do a huge amount of make up applications and the makeup is fab on all skins, all ages and all different styles and looks. Its mineral based and thats why we chose it.

Tara Gleeson – Owner / Facialist

Angelina&Isabel OÜ

I have been using Osmosis products for almost 10 months. I am a cosmetologist and used and seen many brands before and I am truly amazed by the results Osmosis is capable of delivering.
It is a truly result oriented brand and I have seen that it can change your skin in deep levels where other brands don’t reach.
I personally used to have dry dehydrated skin which is history by now as my skin has changed into normal plumped well-moisturized skin. If you start using the products it will take only weeks to see the results and that’s pretty amazing. It is a highly effective medical grade skincare with highly active ingredients that will deliver results very fast. There is no point spending money on products that will smell and feel nice on your skin but don’t penetrate deeper levels into your skin where collagen and elastin stimulation is happening. Don’t waste your resources and give your skin the real ingredients to work better and deliver your best skin ever!

Rutt Laugus – Owner / Facialist