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As we all know taking on a new skincare range can be daunting and time-consuming not to mention costly. A year ago I took on Osmosis skincare and can honestly say I never looked back!

The brand results speak for themselves and we have customers that will never change over to another skincare now – its Osmosis for life!

The brand brought a whole new life to the salon, we are now all about holistic health, positive mindset and natural results and outcomes. The concept of “what goes in” is the key to how we look and nothing is more accurate when it comes to skin! Our bodies are made up of frequencies and Osmosis has incorporated harmonized waters into their products that work to recalibrate our inner energy and frequencies.

Osmosis has a wellness/ supplement water range that looks after our insides and energy levels, skincare range that is all natural and coated in a delivery technology that enhances penetration by 600% and a stunning mineral make up range that has beautiful coverage and intense pigment.

My favourite thing about the brand is myself and team skin26 get to blend and infuse active ingredients to bespoke each facial to deliver exactly what our clients need. We are our own alchemists using ingredients such as Vitamin A (retinaldehyde), niacinamide, Vitamin C, willow herb, hyaluronic acid and many many more! It makes each facial and facial outcome incredibly exciting and takes us on the journey with the client.

Retail sales have soared due to the healthy skin clients are achieving – they just want more and more and have seen changes and skin radiance that they have spent a lifetime trying to achieve in some cases.

I now incorporate Osmosis Revitapen into all our facial treatments and it leaves my clients with the results of micro needling but with no trauma to the skin and no downtime. Everyone walks out of Skin26 smiling and glowing! Repeat business is up by 73% since taking the brand on. We are growing by 56% on last year when we did not have the brand.

Myself and the team could not recommend this brand any higher, its a game changer and we cannot wait to see what is next from Osmosis and continue to fly the flag with the results we are achieving!

Join the holistic skin care revolution!

Aisling Stack – Manager, Skin26, Limerick.